Organ and Choir

Today and Yesterday’s Photos

Sunday, Margaret, Emily and I decided to attend the 3:00 pm choir service at Westminster Abbey.  We chose to do this mostly because attending during a service means that one doesn’t have to pay to see the Abbey, but I am so glad we experienced that place that way.  Of everything that I have experienced in the United Kingdom, nothing compares to the opulence and ethereal nature of Westminster Abbey.  Photography was not allowed indoors, and rightly so as no photograph could capture just how massive the building is, or beautiful its monuments to men. No recording could attempt to convey the beauty of the organ that filled those halls.  I know with no question that that organ and choir alone have converted many men to new faith in the hundred of years they have sung. I refrain from describing it anymore as anyone who can witness it must.

Of course on our way to the Abbey, we got an up close an personal view of Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament.  We grabbed a bite to eat at on of the very many ‘Pret’ cafes around the city, and it just so happened, unless I read the plaque that I took a photo of incorrectly, that we stumbled into the very first of its kind. The rest of the day was lazy.  We returned to our rooms to study the play that we discussed this morning, and emerged once more that evening to have Mexican food in fluorescent colored refurbished storage containers on the Thames river.

This morning in class we discussed the play “Toussaint Louverture”, a historical recount of the leader and events of the Haitian revolution.  Our discussion was again pleasant today, and revolved mainly around the ideals of revolution, and the role that Theater has played in revolution throughout history. It is just one topic of many that we have touched on in this seminar so far, but I think I may make it the topic of the essay I need to write for its credit. Today’s discussion was facilitated by a few of my peers, and tomorrow’s discussion is to be led by me and two others, so I have to prepare a good amount this evening.

After class ended, we all worked on a presentation that we have to give later in the week, and grabbed lunch at a Cafe on the same block as King’s College.  I decided to be spontaneous and randomly choose something from the menu – I ended up with a red breaded chicken with ham, and it was absolutely delicious.  I’m finding that a little spontaneity is serving me very well.


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