Tea Time

The last three day’s pictures.

I apologize ahead of time for the briefness and tardiness of this post, as in addition to the 250 pages I have to read tonight and the 3000 words I have to write by Thursday, I am feeling just slightly under the weather. For that reason, I think I’m just going to give a brief overview of what I’ve done in the last three days.  Unfortunately, I would not be inaccurate if I said that I did relatively nothing on Sunday, at least nothing worth blogging about.  I outlined my essay, and I stayed inside and relaxed most of the day.  I needed some time to really slow down, and time I received.

Monday revved the engines again as we began class with Vicky, our second tutor. Our lecture yesterday was a brief overview of English theater from the end of the Shakespearean era up until about the 1850s. In lecture, we learned a lot about the criminal nature of the theatre, and the major reforms that came to it in the 19th century that started at the Theatre Royal at Drury Lane.  Appropriately, after we discussed this revolutionary place, we went to go tour it.  It has many amazing things to boast – it is the longest running theatre in the world, it invented conventions such as dimming the audience lights, having a ‘backstage’ and a ‘stagecrew’ who where in fact crews of sailors at inception, and was the first theatre to legally allow women to play roles on stage. While I was there, I got to sit in a Royal chair that every monarch since Charles II has sat in, and as well, and much more eerily, a chair that was supposedly one of Hitler’s theatre chairs. 

Afterwards, Emily and I headed over to Twinings, the famous Tea Shop in London.  We spent a lot of time there picking out some nice things, taking some nice pictures, and then we grabbed some dinner at a pizza restaurant on the Strand. That was, unfortunately, where the day ended for me as I started not to feel well, as I do now. This morning, I felt just enough strength to peel myself from bed, and I felt in a picture taking mood so I photographed my morning route to the Strand campus again. After discussing a play called ‘Blasted’ an ‘In-yer-face’ theatre production from the 90s that climaxes with the protagonists eyeballs being sucked out of his head by another man and subsequently eaten (it was a very weird play), the entire group went shopping in Leicester Square. The shops there were the most genuine I’ve seen in London so far, among ancient book shops, coins collectors, war medal traders, art enthusiasts and more.  I don’t want to give too many details away because I’ve picked up a few souvenirs for family that I’d like not to give away just yet. I ran back from the square to Southbank where I live to meet with a friend from home – my twin from my honor fraternity back home!  The two of us had pizza together on the Thames and I showed her around my part of London a little.  She’s on a study abroad program to Cambridge this summer, and we were both very impressed with one another.  It was a great meal, and since I’ve headed back to my room to write this post and get a start on my essay. 



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